lens baby love blog circle | october 2015

It all began in October, yes just this month, and I don’t even know where to begin really… because as if I didn’t already love my  Lensbaby babies, I’ve now fallen head over heals for the Velvet 56.  swoon! this is such an amazing lens. I can’t really put into words how I feel about the way my pictures are coming out SOOC (straight out of camera). They need very little editing, which if you are a photographer, you know how good that feels. Actually, I’m not quite sure what to do with editing, because the colors are so smooth, vibrant and stunning as is. And the aperture…. well, wide open it gives a painterly feel to the photo. Stop down to about 4.0 and you have more of a standard portraiture lens with beautiful soft, velvety background. And stop down more and it’s more similar to a standard portrait lens. But at 2.0 and 2.8 gah! the way it creates this unique bokeh is really really cool.  Here are a few from my walk this morning with my puppy. She was very patient with me as I played with texture and light. I love fall. I can’t believe it just began and it’s about to be over, just like that! Enjoy!!









Now join me by going around our very talented Lensbaby circle. Up next is the fantastic photographer, Willie Kers. I always love seeing what adventures she’s up too!

lensbaby love blog circle | august 2015

A few days around the house with my lensbaby  – always a creative push I need when I pull out anything lensbaby and put it on my camera. oh how I love these lenses! be sure to go around our lensbaby love blog circle and see the beautiful work of my talented friends, beginning with Caroline Jensen. <3

073015_0985LBweb OutofFocusplaying LensbabyBoyandPuppy


100 Summer Days | Day 1

or for us, it’s actually closer to 75, and I’m joining the group late, but hey, oh well. I can do this. #100_summerdaysPuppyCPavlik

lensbaby love blog circle | june 2015

i took all of these with my beloved lensbaby composer pro + edge 80.  go around the circle, up next the wildly talented Ana Rosenberg

our new puppy, we love her, little luna petunia

LunaEPBblog4 LunaEPBblog3 LunaEPBblog2 LunaEPBblog1


lensbaby love blog circle | may 2015

i’m so glad i re-joined the lensbaby love blog circle. not that i need another reason to use any of my lensbaby lenses, but it’s great to have that little extra push. i can’t wait to see what the others are up to this month with theirs. you can continue around the blog circle by visiting the talented Willie Kers next. She was just named one of The 50 Most Inspiring Photographers! I’m so proud of her!

walk in the woods with one of my boys is always a perfect breather. no expectations, from him or i. i love to listen to him ramble, it’s neverending.

you don’t always need a plan

sometimes you just need to



let go

and see what happens.

-author unknown







lensbaby love blog circle | april 2015

I haven’t been shooting nearly enough with any of my lensbaby lenses and it was time for a round of some Lensbaby love!  I am so happy I pulled out the Edge 80 this weekend. I feel blessed when I am able to document some of the quiet moments around here.  <3  Please follow the circle around to see what all the others are up to with their lensbaby this time.  You can start by going to see the work of the wonderfully talented Sally Kate next.






Synchronicity and Siblings

Capture the Moment….

I knew tonight was the night when I looked out the kitchen window and saw the amazing light in the backyard. It was the perfect time for me to reveal the new book Capture the Moment to my boys. I gave them only one instruction…. get dressed because I had a surprise!! Well, I guess I was in for the surprise.

I asked them to simply stand in a particular order. They didn’t really ask why, just wondered what I was up to and were about done before I even began! Typical!! I had the book under my arm. I told them I was just testing my camera before I could give them the surprise, and what do you know, I looked up, and then this happened. I quickly took the shot because it took me back to that day. Notice the similarities between the one that made it in the book which I took in November of 2012! I think it’s really amazing to see the similarity in expressions on the boys. In addition, Big brother was 6 yrs 8 months in the first photo and in the photo today, the little boys are 6 yrs and 3 months!!

Today, April 11, 2015 Maryland backyard


November 2012 Texas backyard


The main reason I wanted to share this blog post is because this photo was published in the new book Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson. I’m very excited and so pleased to have my work in a book with so many other amazing photographers. It means so so much to me! You can check it out at the link above. All proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. How amazing is that?! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy this. So much beautiful and inspiring work throughout the pages of Capture the Moment.

through the lensbaby | february 2015

A goal of mine this year is to start sharing and blogging again. So it’s the perfect time to jump right in with the fantastic blog circle Through the Lensbaby. I love the way we see so differently through a Lensbaby lens.  For me it always feels like it adds that extra depth and texture.   Be sure to make your way through our circle to see the work of many talented artists and friends of mine, I can’t wait to see what everyone did this month! Next up is Sally Kate from Dallas, TX!








voice competition

VoiceCompBlogClickin Moms is a fabulous online photography community of which I am honored to be a member, mentor, and teacher assistant for many workshops.  Recently there was a call for entry for their Voice Competition and I’m so excited to share that I had one image selected out of 8,000 in the category of Rule Breaker.  There are so many wonderful photos across 14 categories, check it out here!



through the lensbaby – march 2014

a gift that is mine

wrapped up in messy, dirty

silly and gigg’ly

my boys are non stop. their mouths never stop running, just like their feet. they’re stinky and sweaty and think it’s funny when their toot smells more than their brother’s toot.  they can do the chicken dance in unison, and laugh hysterically at one another, for no reason. i am lucky to be their mommy.  i’m blessed but it is beyond my ability to comprehend why i was given such a great gift of being able to raise them. who am i? what did i do to deserve such beautifulness in my life? i try to take even just a few seconds every single day to stop. pause. and remember that even though being mommy all.the.time is hard, this is my calling. they’re a gift. wrapped up in messy, dirty, giggly, squirmy and loving little guys who will grow up some day to be caring, loving, and giving grown men.


do you know what that is? never having heard this word before i was intrigued when  i came across the concept in a photography workshop that I am a teacher’s assistant in over on ClickinMoms called Photographing with Heart & Vision.   Jodi Arego is an amazing teacher (and friend!).  this is one of my favorite workshops to date.  anyway the concept in brief terms is….. the times when time seems to stop.  kairos is the time that makes time matter.  kairos is what gives our lives meaning.  and that is what i wanted to explore when I brought my  lens to my eye this time with these shots of my children.  these moments that i tried to explain above that just stop me in my tracks — the type of bliss i seek each and everyday. i hope these touch you in some way.  <3



031014_8254epb 031014_8116epb

he’s really sleeping here 😉




these were all taken with my lensbaby composer pro and edge 80 for my lensbaby blog circle that I am honored to be a part of each month.  if you haven’t had a chance to go around the circle yet, please do and visit with the very talented Caroline Jensen.  her work is so unique and beautiful.